The Brady Bunch

By Michael Starr. The show followed the adventures of six step-siblings Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter, Mike and Cindy growing up under the wise and watchful eyes of their dad, Mike Brady, mom, Carol Brady, and their wise-cracking live-in maid, Alice. I had to talk them into letting me do my own surfing, and the amazing thing, for the two days we filmed that [episode], the beach was rented by our company from the state, so everyone that was out there surfing with me was a paid extra, which gave me a lot of juice and priority on the waves. I loved doing the episodes with Desi Arnaz Jr. They all have special memories. We got to dress up and do stuff and be in slow motion and do fake fights. Is that Cindy? Lookinland: Bobby was the last of the nine regulars cast. They had trouble finding Bobby. Davis, were present in that room, and it was kind of a strange situation for a child to hear.

The Brady Bunch cast talks 50 years of life, love and ‘Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!’

Has there ever been a show as wholesome, as precious, and as widely loved? Not everyone turned out so disastrously, but the behind-the-scenes stories paint quite a different portrait than the wholesome happy family you remember. McCormick wrote :.

Celebrities turned up often on The Dating Game, sometimes as a guest star known as Alice on ‘The Brady Bunch,’ the actress went on ‘The Dating Game. Can you recognize these stars on the cover of TV Guide in ?

All rights reserved. Ann B. Davis fourth from right played the family’s housekeeper Alice. Maureen McCormick is seen as Marcia, the oldest daughter. After The Brady Bunch, the actress struggled with addiction for years. Her second husband was a hypnotherapist, and Henderson is also certified in hypnotherapy. Jan’s complaint of “Marcia Marcia Marcia” is one of the best-known in the series.

Plumb has been painting for over two decades as a second artistic career. Susan Olsen is seen as Cindy, the youngest Brady child.

Chris Knight, aka Peter Brady from ‘The Brady Bunch,’ leads an eclectic cast in ‘Dinner at Five’

Off-screen,the 60’s family couldn’t keep their hands off each other. On screen, those Bradys behaved themselves and kept their romances PG. Williams took Henderson out on a date when he was 15 and she was At the end of the night, the costars shared an innocent kiss on the lips. Family maid Alice had a hot and heavy romance with Sam the butcher played by Allan Melvin.

Ann B.

When it originally aired from , the television series The Brady Bunch, about a man with three sons marrying a woman with three.

An important part of my childhood was coming home from school and hopping off the bus in time to catch the afternoon episode of The Brady Bunch. The classic series is still playing in reruns to this day, which speaks to how the show’s family values and relatable plots still resonate with audiences. It turns out this bunch weren’t as wholesome behind-the-scenes as the characters they played on TV.

When News. That included Olsen and Mike Lookinland Bobby Brady , who got a little friendlier than a brother and sister should. Lookinland and Olsen would sneak into the Brady family pet Tiger’s doghouse to make out between takes, according to Barry Williams Greg Brady. Williams wrote in his autobiography, Growing Up Brady, that Lookinland only ditched his TV sister after he started pining for the older girls on set.

The pair were going steady behind the scenes, but their relationship reportedly fizzled out after a police officer caught them “going steady” in Knight’s pickup truck. But the Brady kids weren’t only interested in each other. One of them had a thing for Carol Brady. Barry Williams famously tried to put the moves on Florence Henderson his TV mom, Carol Brady , who he later described as a “totally white hot babe.

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Here’s the story of a lovely lady, a man named Brady who could’ve been played by Gene Hackman, six kids, a wacky housekeeper, and how a series that started as a typical formulaic sitcom grew into a syndicated monster. Here are 16 things you might not know about The Brady Bunch. It was just a four-line filler piece in the Los Angeles Times. Just a statistic. It said that year, , 31 percent of all marriages involved people who had a child or children from a previous marriage.

In honor of a half a century of “Brady Bunch” history, The Post has organized an exclusive Brady family reunion with members of the original.

When it originally aired from , the television series The Brady Bunch , about a man with three sons marrying a woman with three daughters, was far from a major success. It never finished in the Top 30 in the Nielsen ratings and was never nominated for any notable critical awards. It was popular enough, though, to make it through five seasons, which was notable in that it gave the show enough episodes to meet the then-minimum threshold for successful syndication for years, episodes was the figure series generally had to hit to be successful in syndication.

Nowadays it is 88 episodes. It was while in syndication and airing daily on stations all over the country that the show became a cultural sensation, and there have been numerous sequels and remakes of the series ever since. The seemingly perfect Bradys have become cultural icons and as such, any possible salaciousness involving the Bradys is latched on to with glee. Is it true?

Can you guess who these celebrities chose on actual episodes of The Dating Game?

For the actress who played Marcia Brady , having the hots for onscreen stepbrother Greg felt right – even if it was oh so wrong. I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing? McCormick, 52, says the tension was electric between her and Williams on the set of the s sitcom during the episode where Greg and Marcia squabble over the attic bedroom.

“Brady Bunch” stars Maureen McCormick and. who played Greg Brady, wrote in his tell-all tome, “Growing Up Brady,” how he dated not only.

Sign In. Edit The Brady Bunch — Showing all items. Robert Reed was a closeted gay man. Florence Henderson noticed early on that he appeared uncomfortable acting romantically with her, and he admitted the truth to her privately. They worked around it, rehearsing kissing and hugging scenes off-camera, so they would look more natural when it came time to film them. The entire cast kept Reed’s sexual orientation a secret until after his death. The family dog “Tiger” was killed by a car in season one of the show before the filming of episode five was completed.

A replacement dog proved to be unworkable. Tiger’s doghouse remained on the set, though, because one of the studio lights fell and burned a hole through the astroturf, and the doghouse was used to hide the burned spot. Sherwood Schwartz ‘s technique for auditioning child actors and actresses was to set out a bunch of toys on his desk, then during the interview see if the child paid attention to him or was distracted by the toys.

A Very Brady Lesbian Affair?

The series revolved around a large blended step-family. The show originally aired from 26 September to 8 March on ABC and was subsequently syndicated internationally. A compromise was reached whereby no mention was made of the circumstances in which Carol’s first marriage ended. Davis , and the boys’ dog, Tiger. The setting is a large, suburban, two-story house designed by Mike, in a Los Angeles suburb.

Mike Lookinland, who played the cheeky youngest son Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch, is one of the only cast members not to pursue acting.

The chatter was always that 16 year old actor Williams actually dated Henderson, who was 36 during the second season of the TV show in Henderson, who died of heart failure in Los Angeles on Thursday, was an public icon of American motherhood. However, over the last two decades she was too often forced to bat off the rumour in countless interviews. I just wanted to spend time with her. Although Williams made it clear that he and Henderson came nowhere near romance, the chapter title was enough to stoke an international legend about their relationship.

It has made for a good story though! Greg Brady — Actor Barry Williams lifted the lid on his drug problems in his book and said he was high on pot during the filming of the following scene from the series:. Marcia — In Maureen McCormick revealed in her biography that she had fought a long battle against cocaine addiction. She dated pop star Michael Jackson before the drug habit took hold. Peter — Christopher Knight became a successful computer products developer in the s and returned to acting in

‘Brady Bunch’ Stars Reunite: ‘They Don’t Make Shows Like That Anymore’